Platinum Choice Bancard LLC adds Cash Discount processing to its product offerings

Mountain Lakes, NJ September 6, 2018—Platinum Choice Bancard LLC (PCB), a leading merchant services and payment processing solutions provider, today announced it has added 95% Reduction in fees, or cash discount merchant processing to its product mix.

Cash discount processing allows merchants to eliminate up to 95% of their processing fees by adding a small service charge to the credit card transaction at the point-of-sale, or fully discounting that service charge  if a customer pays by cash.  Cash discounting is legal in all 50 states and PCB uses patented cash discount  technology to service its merchants.

“Though cash discounting has been available for several years now, most merchants have not heard of it until recently.  But once they understand the value, like saving hundreds of dollars per month in processing fees, or more, it’s really a no-brainer,” stated Robin Turkell, Platinum’s Chief Operating Officer.

Said National Sales Director Jason Reed, “For a sales person, the cash discount  conversation breaks down the ‘rate’ barrier.  So instead of talking about the few basis points they may be able to save a merchant,  a sales rep can just talk about eliminating fees.  And the attrition rate for merchants using cash discounting goes down significantly.  Think about it: what merchant wants to go back to paying hundreds of dollars per month or more in fees  after not paying anything?  Not to mention the revenue opportunity for the sales person, typically three times that of a merchant not using the product.”

Set-up for a merchant is easy PCB provides all the needed signage for a merchant to be compliant and transparent, from point-of-entry to point-of-sale.  Thousands of merchants around the country are offering a cash discount and reaping the financial benefits.  But should a merchant decide the product isn’t for them, Platinum Choice Bancard will, without penalty, put them back on a traditional, fee based model.  For more information, please call Jason Reed at 973-324-2251,  or visit

About Platinum Choice Bancard LLC

Located in Mountain Lakes, NJ and founded in 2009, Platinum Choice was recognized in August 2018 for its inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America, for the second time.  We offer a full range of payment processing options for retail, ecommerce, B2B and SMB merchants around the country.

Source: Company press release

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